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    Sample of Past Products Designed

    Automotive, Heavy Truck, Communications, Lighting,  LCD Displays, USB devices, Testers, Process controllers
    Digital -  Embedded designs with 8,16 or 32 bit CPU's, Glue logic, SPI, Comms Drivers, USB devices, LCD control, SAEJ1587, SAE J1708, CAN SAE J1939
    Analog - RFID , PLC4Trucks Drivers, Transient testers, Radio circuits, Filters, Video, Audio, Amplifiers,, Remote VHF Radio systems,
    EMC - Designs for Vibration, FCC, SAEJ1455, SAE J 1311.


              * Designed ARM based Graphics displays with PLC J2467 , CAN J1939 , SAEJ1587

              * Designed ARM based Gauges, gateways and clusters using CAN J1939 , SAEJ1587

              * SPI I/O module Atmel based

              * Stop Turn Tail LED Lamps

              * Bulls eyes LED Lamp

              * Synchronized Safety LED signal Lights        

              * Heavy Truck J1587/J1708 controllers

              * Heavy Truck Multiplexed control system

              * Heavy Truck Wiper, Dome, Headlight,Turn Lamp driver and controller

              * Designed 50 AMP FET based fuse replacement.

              * Automatic Cruise Control Display System with Graphics Display

              * RFID Auto security system

              * IR Controlled automotive payment assured system

              * PLC4 Trucks modules SAEJ2964 Drivers


              * State of Charge LCD Display

              * Battery Switch


              * USB and PS2 keyboard emulators and USB HID devices

              * Designed Ethernet module using Microchip controller

              * Programmable Timer with USB interface

              * Zapper

              * Gold detector

              * Timer with LCD 2x 20 Character Display

              * Speech Timer with Color 128x64 Graphics Display

              * Wireless Doorbell



              *  J1455/ J1311 Load dump transient generators  with adjustable 200V and 600V pulses

              * VHF based remote data logging system, base station  recorder and PC application in VB

              * Testers for validating products designed and for end of line testing in production


              * Design Team for 20MBit DMAC satellite receiver for BSB in the UK

              * Design Team for low cost satellite receiver

              * Integration of MPEG digital satellite receiver  

              * Designed an analog satellite receiver with scrambling

              * Designed PAL D cable converter

              * Compliance testing of receiver to meet FCC, CSA, FCC part 68.

              * Debugged Motorola 68000 MPEG prototype

              * Managed schematics in ORCAD , controlled procurement of parts for prototypes and production

              * Managed a team of 5 engineers and technicians designing communication equipment for satellite downlink systems

              * Redesigned an FM squared audio satellite receiver

              * Managed a team of hardware and software engineers in working on various related products

              * GPS module design


              * Participated in a team responsible for preparing turnkey proposal for command and control  facility for 5 naval Frigates. 

              * Developed and managed bid components using DB2

              * Developed cost control systems for a multimillion dollar project

              * Developed programs used on GenRad for diagnostics for sonar systems used submarines and  ships


               * Undertook fault diagnostics and repair of all automatic test equipment and processing equipment

               * Calibrated and repaired electrical measurement instrumentation

               * Maintained electrical calibration standards to military specifications

               * Undertook diagnostics on VHF radio systems


               * Supervised and performed all aspects of manufacture of computer graphics work stations

               * Designed elevator security systems and RS 232 computer interfaces

               HIGH VOLTAGE

               * Undertook high voltage transformer repairs     

               * Designed and drafted roadway lighting systems and domestic electrical wiring systems